Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I was sixteen...

in 1963. I was still at school doing my 'O' levels. I had already taken maths and english in the fifth form (failing english!) but timetable was such that I was able to do most of my homework in spare periods which suited me just fine.
It was a great time, the Beatles were becoming very famous but it still took a few weeks for their singles to reach number one - after that they reached number one before anyone was able to buy the record one pre-release sales.
That week in November 'She loves you' was number two with Gerry and the Pacemakers 'You'll never walk alone' in the top slot. It went on to become the anthem of Liverpool football club.
Each year our church had a youth outreach weekend with events on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
I arrived at the church hall with my friend who noticed that one of the lads was leaning against the wall looking rather shell-shocked. She asked him what was wrong to be told the Kennedy had been shot - it was some time before we learnt that he had been killed instantly. But being youth, most of us were able to carry on and enjoy the evening.

During the week our family would sit down to dinner in the dining room but at weekends Mum would prepare a wonderful 'high' tea, served on the large coffee table while we would listen to the football results and then watch the TV. So I saw it; the very first Doctor Who and have been an avid follower, especially since it was re-born with Christopher Eccleston.
My favourite Doctors? its a difficult choice between the earlier Jon Pertwee and Peter Davidson but overall it has to be David Tennant.
That final year at school was the best of my school life, I was studying subjects that I enjoyed along with being able to sew in the evenings and I made friends with whom I have never lost touch but I will never forget that weekend.