Thursday, 29 September 2011

party political conferences

Way back when ... there was no television in the afternoon, let alone in the morning and the screen would go black in the evening leaving a little white dot in the middle - I would watch the party political conferences and enjoyed them.  But now I avoid them. Have politicians changed or have I become very cynical?
I especially enjoyed seeing the young William Hague make his first speech and wondered where he would end up. He is now one of the very few politicians to whom I am happy to listen. 
I wonder if labour's young Rory Weal will manage to make it to university and eventually become a politician? At the moment the cards are stacked against him.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

sorry for the delay in transmission

When I started this blog I thought that I would write something every week and now I realised that it is three weeks since I last wrote. This is mainly due to having something I want to say and finding that I have to write a sermon instead and then when I have time, I can't think what to say!
And now I'm here, all I can think about is the weather! Yesterday evening, I resorted to putting on a thick cardi and even wrapping a blanket around my legs and yet today I have just returned from a walk over the hills in shirt sleeves with the collar turned up to stop my neck from getting burnt! The walk was the first long one that I have done since bouncing off my bike while on holiday. There don't seem to be any ill effects but to be on the safe side my leg is now up having its 20 minutes of ice pack treatment - its lovely when it stops!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

a change is as good as a rest

As we moved here to retire, when asked to be the minister I said that I would preach twice in the month, rather than every week. So without the need to prepare for next Sunday and sewing  all done and a deacon's meeting yesterday morning - what was I going to do next?
Back to the bathroom which needs another coat of paint on the walls - but first the door needs to be 'done'! We had the wall between the loo and the small bathroom removed giving us a much larger and spacious bathroom. When we moved in the inside of the loo door was completely covered with postcards and the builder decided that was the door that fitted best to the new doorway. So in those odd moments when I had nothing else to do (very rare!) or I was waiting for inspiration for a sermon, I would chip away at the postcards, and today is the day to get out the paintbrush.
I donned my rather fetching paint splattered romper suit with its dunlop badge - in a former life it played in the pits while a friend raced his MG Midget (no, not me, that's not one of my skills!).
But first I had to remove the remainder of the glue, washing it did no good, next was a scrub with a well known household cleaner - no luck - wallpaper scraper to the rescue - maybe it would have been easier to have bought a new door!
Having scraped and sandpapered the door is now ready for the first coat of paint. Over the years I have learnt that the best finish to decorating is only achieved by spending time in preparation. Just like many things in life!
Having revived myself with coffee and a rest writing this - its back to work!

Friday, 2 September 2011

being green but needs must

It first started over 25 years ago when Adrian lodged with us. He was studying for his Masters at London University and during that year I learnt a lot about hay meadows and small leafed lime trees along with being cajoled into using eco-friendly washing up liquid and washing powder. 
Fast forward ten years and for health reasons we are being recommended to omit all 'E' numbers from our food and eat organically as possible. And five years later, to go dairy free! 
Over the last ten years eating this kind of diet has become far easier as most supermarkets have introduced an organic range along with a dairy free range. Until now!
With the recession, certain items are disappearing from the shelves! We love ice-cream and had found one which is soya based, with wonderful flavours, tasting far nicer than some dairy ice-creams. But our local supermarket has stopped selling the chocolate one. Boo hoo!
I know its not very green, but I have bought an ice-cream maker so that we can now enjoy a very rich, dairy free ice-cream along with so many other flavours which we could never indulge in before.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

and there's more

Sorry to bore everyone but the wedding is still on my mind and having posted my last blog, I remembered that there were a few folk who I had not thanked.
I had a lovely phone call with Mandie yesterday. They had a very short but wonderful holiday as Dave, being a white van driver with no paid holidays but had been given Tuesday off, had to get back to work. Meanwhile Mandie has the rest of the week to get their new home organised and find homes for their wedding gifts.
Many years ago I met Karen who, like me, had trained at the London College of Fashion, but she specialised in hair and beauty. When Karen married, I made her dress and when I married she did my hair and make-up. I still think that was the day I really looked my best thanks to her! Fortunately Karen was free to 'do' Mandie and her bridesmaid, and when arrived she offered to 'do' me as well. Many thanks again Karen!
While getting dressed Mandie couldn't find an unopened package sent to her earlier in the week from her designer sister-in-law. It was eventually found in the boys hotel bedroom! Inside she found a garter, made from the leftovers of her wedding dress, embroidered in pink with twinkles, matching the motifs of the lace on her dress. Big thanks to Sarah.
Mandie said how wonderful her big brother Mark had been at telling her to shut her eyes and take some deep breaths to help her calm down, whilst at the same time driving through the Saturday shopping traffic on our way to the register office!
Mark's wife, Katie (39 days to go) had my cam-corder for the day (I was far too shaky to use it!), unknown to Mandie, who was so thrilled to know that the Blessing and all the speeches had been filmed. Thank you Katie.
Paul, her other brother, is a wonder at making cakes but that was already in hand. But I can still thank him for being so good to Mandie in her teenage years as well as being another super big brother to her.
Mark & Katie,  Dave & Mandie,  Paul & Sarah