Monday, 1 June 2015

it keeps me quiet...

I think I may have mentioned before that I took embroidery as one of my 'O'level subjects as I never considered myself to be academic. The one draw back of embroidery is that it takes up a lot of time so once I became a Mum and then went back to college, packs of embroidery that I had collected over the years remained untouched. But in the last few years they have come out of the wooden truck once owned and used by my grandfather and with the aid of a magnifying glass with led lights, I am once again able to enjoy some very fine work.
Over 20years ago my Mum bought me four packs, each depicting the seasons and a few years ago I 'did' Autumn, next was 'Spring', then 'Summer', and 'Winter' was completed a couple of months ago. 
During this time I bought four matching frames, only to find that the mounts each had a 4" square aperture whereas the embroideries measured four and three-eighths by four and a half. So over the weekend I set about enlarging them with the aid of a steel rule and a scalpel. Fortunately there were no accidents or wobbly edges from my tremor!
Before they are hung up our stairwell I have managed to get a photo although apologies that there is a little reflection on the glass and that they are is reverse order with 'Winter' and 'Autumn' at the top with 'Summer' and 'Spring' underneath.