Tuesday, 4 March 2014


I forgot it was mine this morning! and was reminded when 'someone' started singing, "you're as old as me..ee, you're as old as me!" "Please don't remind me!" 
I've got to that age when I cannot believe how many years I have lived!
I celebrated quite quietly, going out to coffee this morning and having my favourite meal at lunchtime - fish curry. As a child, our family didn't have the money to have parties but we were able to choose what we all ate for dinner and my choice was always cod curry. I think my Mum got the recipe from Philip Harben, who was a celebrity chef even before the days of Fanny Cradock! The rest of the day has been taken up with doing the washing, letter writing, answering emails and watching a bit of tele while knitting! Gone are the days of parties and big meals out, I enjoyed them but I think that in just a few ways I'm showing my age!