Friday, 24 September 2010

it's my age

at least, I assume that's the problem - no one has told me exactly why...
I've received confirmation that I am now a BU recognised 'lay preacher', and will get my hand shaken at the next Baptist Assembly.
Although I undertook a three year full-time BD followed by an MTh, and have been called to be the minister of the local chapel, there seems to be no way that I can be recognised as a 'proper' minister, apart from waiting five years. We moved here to retire and I already collect my OAP pension - in five years time the chapel and myself could be thinking that I really ought to step down from the pulpit.
Having had my little rant - I don't mind being called a recognised preacher, but I do object to being called a 'lay' preacher. I was called to the ministry 18 years ago, giving up a successful business designing wedding dresses. My ministry is my work and has been since leaving college and I wouldn't change a thing - except my title!


  1. I don't uunderstand how it works either- but when you get your hand shook [shaken] I shall cheer, cos I know you!!
    blessings xx

  2. Mixed feelings.... thrilled you will get 'handshaked' (alas probably can't be there next year :-( metphorical cheers may have to suffice) but sorry that having jumped the hoops you are frustrated at the final hurdle.