Monday, 22 August 2011

a blue moon

Since I was old enough to tidy my bedroom I have had an aversion to housework. For the first twenty five years of married life, there was always some major work being carried out on the house so that lack of housework was never noticed except when mother-in-law came to stay and having been in the house for no longer than ten minutes asked if she may have a duster - but I didn't have any clean dusters!
I have delivered Mandie's wedding dress, my outfit is complete, yesterday's service is behind me and I have three spare days with nothing that I have to do - a rarity! 
So this morning, I have loaded the washing machine five times - a big thank you to whoever invented automatic washing machines, cleaned down the worktops and the kettle and then washed and polished the car! This afternoon it is feet up with knitting of a blanket for the expected grandboy. I may not like housework, but the place looks good. I wonder what tomorrow holds and if there will be another blue moon!

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