Wednesday, 26 December 2012

how many chapel members does it take to put up the Christmas lights?

1. H. is our treasurer and part-time organist and lives over the road from the Chapel half way up a hill and so she has a very good view of the Chapel. And she thought that the Chapel would look so much nicer if there were Christmas lights on the tree in front of the Chapel.

2. B. spent quite a bit of time working out how to get the electricity from the Chapel to the tree and came up with a couple of methods.

3. G. thought one of these ways was best.

4. R. drilled holes and inserted hooks in the Chapel walls.

5. R&G  bought some lights.

6. V. offered the use of her 40mtr cable.

7. R&B ran the cable from the stable ( for over a hundred years the horse was the mode of transport for the visiting preachers and they needed somewhere to shelter!) over the door to the kitchen, under the windows of the School Room and Chapel and over the porch using the hooks already in place and then into the elm tree and then into the holy tree where the lights to the tree were plugged in and encased in several heavy duty plastic bags!

8. R&B with the aid of the ladder, climbed into the silver birch tree and arranged the lights which were then switched on.

9. G and everybody else agreed that 80 light bulbs seemed to disappear in the tree and more were needed.

10. number 5&8 was repeated.

11. H. is very happy with the result but....

Next year yet more lights will be in the tree! 

The rest of Chapel life happens in a very similar way with everyone contributing in their own special way.

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  1. That's lovely... the vision, the working together, the result (and the fab typo (?) about the holy tree! :-) )

    I'm sure that was gospel lived out and will have blessed those who passed by.