Friday, 6 September 2013

catching up

Although I have not written anything here recently, it is not for lack of something to say - just that I seem to be busy when something comes to mind!
Paul successfully completed the Etape and just came in the first third of those completing the course but it did take him a couple of days to recover!

When looking forward to our holiday here we were prepared for it to be much cooler than at home and very wet. But having been here for four glorious days this is our first wet day and we had already decided to have a restful morning 'doing nothing' before going for our treatment at the Centre for Complementary Care this afternoon.
I first met Gretchen when we lived on the edge of the Lake District and I attended a day of Christian Contemplative Prayer and she was one of the speakers. We then visited the Centre on a regular basis but I did not have any treatment until a couple of years ago when my tremor was getting particularly bad and any pills I took just zonked me out!

One would think that lying on a high bed for nearly an hour, sometimes falling asleep, sometimes chatting while Gretchen sitting on an office wheelie chair slowly goes around you lightly touching first your left upper arm, moving to your left hand, down to your feet, up the right side of your body and then lightly holding your head, would make you feel relaxed and revived!
But although the feeling after the treatment is one of being relaxed, it is shortly followed by feeling tired and exhausted and being warned not to do too much for the rest of the day! We have now learnt that it is best not to go for a long strenuous walk the next morning either - hence our lazy morning while the rain patters on our camper-van's roof!
It will be our last session of four this afternoon and although I have not noticed a great reduction in my 'shakes', something has been happening!

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