Saturday, 21 December 2013

Sarah and Paul 25 years ago

I met her in the summer
she was beautiful
Some said she knew it
Sarah was American
with long curly auburn hair.

I met him in the autumn
I called him, her beloved -
they talked of marriage.
Paul was American -
so handsome.

During the autumn months
we shared many moments.
Watching a fashion show video,
talked about we should wear,
Discussed the Last Temptation of Christ
Laughed together while dressing up
Exchanged ideas over meals.
How funny they were taking the mickey out of Jim and Tammy Baker.

They flew home for Christmas
They have been front page news for the last week.

They loved Jesus

They live on in my memories,
in my photograph album and on my video, 
modelling and acting on a Christmas Celebration -

"Hello Jesus - Let me introduce myself"

written 29th December 1988

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