Monday, 1 November 2010


There still seems to be a glitch on my blog which doesn't allow me to add to comments.
So thank you to Angela, who's married to a techno-wizz, for your offer and to Catriona for your encouragement.
It all went well and the chapel folk enjoyed the music and singing along with others on the ipod.
I had previously chosen hymns around the theme of being called weren't on the ipod so instead chose some Graham Kendrick hymns, one of which was new to them but they soon picked it up.
Yes, of course they would rather have our organist but they did enjoy the ipod for a change.

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  1. Maybe someone else who uses Blogger as a platform can help? Or maybe it's somehting to do with browsers?

    I find on my blog I can comment in the smae way as other people through the comment button by psots but can't add them any other way.

    It's all a mystery!!!

    Glad the service went well for you all.