Friday, 11 March 2011

women in leadership

For many years I was a member of 'Men Women and God'(MWG); the British equivalent of 'Christians for Biblical Equality', and so was aware of the many books written on the 'difficult' passages in the Bible. I attended some good MWG conferences with excellent speakers including I. Howard Marshall and was on their planning committee until my call to minister here in Wales.
So I was interested to read a recommendation on a friend's blog of, 'How I changed my mind about Women in Leadership - Compelling Stories from Prominent Evangelicals', where I. Howard Marshall is one of the twenty-one contributors.
And then on Wednesday morning there was an excellent interview on radio 4's Today with one of the clergy who is in the process during Lent to 'walk' from the Anglican Church to the Catholic Church because he believes that women should not become bishops. The interviewer, who I think was Justin Webb, questioned the Vicar as to whether what he was doing was right as Jesus preached love (or words to that effect) and I cheered from the shower!
Of the personal stories I have read so far in the book, many contributors came to a point in their lives where they realised that they had to go to scripture to see what it actually said rather than listening to what others said about the role of women! Whereas, I. Howard Marshall said; "my experience of working with godly women in ministry, teaching, and leadership has been ample confirmation that to exclude them from these roles is indefensible".  Women need men like I. Howard Marshall so that we can become the people God called us to be!

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