Sunday, 6 March 2011


We talk about milestone birthdays and think of 18, 30,40, 50 etc. but for me other birthdays have been important. I'm old enough to have had a 21st celebration, before 18 was the coming of age. But 35 hit me hard - I had had half of my three score years and ten which felt quite scary! But this year it is worse!
I was 20, when 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' was released, working for C&As in their head office in Oxford Street and wearing very short skirts! it was the age of the mini-skirt and in '67 they were still getting shorter!
And so as I approached my birthday this year the words of one of the tracks kept going around my head. And yes, he is very handy mending a fuse and I often sit by the fireside knitting a sweater or two. We don't go to the Isle of Wight for our holidays, but I can be found with grandchildren on my knee. And if you are very confused you can look up the lyrics of 'When I'm 64'!
At twenty, sixty-four seemed very old, but now I have got here it is so different. I still feel twenty-five inside and when I'm with certain friends I can behave much younger. But I do like to remember my age, so at fifty I stopped wearing knee length skirts and at sixty, stopped wearing jeans. However, this does make buying suitable clothes quite difficult as I still like to look my best and not old and dowdy. 
If fashion trends go the way they should, with the lack of money in people's purses, skirt lengths should drop and I will be happy!

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  1. Happy Birthday!
    I know people in the 80's who look great in jeans and people in their 20's who don't! Just be true to you.