Tuesday, 21 June 2011

my Mum

Yesterday would have been my Mum's birthday and two years ago, just a few weeks after she died we held a celebratory strawberry tea at the care home where she had lived for the previous five years.
She loved strawberries and revelled in the fact that they were in the greengrocer's shops just in time for her birthday! She also loved Wimbledon and managed to get there one year as a birthday treat. The love of watching tennis is about the only thing that I have not inherited from her! But then tennis has changed since my parents got their first television.
Apparently I have always looked like her, which I never noticed until recently when I realised that my jaw line is drooping just like hers. And I got type two diabetes just like her, although she was in her sixties and had a very sweet tooth while I was only just into my forties but had had a stressful few years (a cause which is rarely mentioned).
And I shake just like her! She was very pleased to take her doctor's advice and have a sherry before lunch! But I had to explain to my doctor that having a sherry before going into the pulpit was not a very good idea and even worse when I have to drive to outlying rural chapels!
I have tried various pills; the first made my asthma worse, the second sent me to sleep all day and then I had a skin reaction! I'm on yet another which after five weeks, I'm still shaking and now finding that I fall asleep in the afternoon and don't want to go out in the evening. Even friends are noticing that I'm very quiet - just not my usual self. Do I need a holiday? I am going away in two weeks time or is it the pills? Time to visit the doctor again!

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