Monday, 13 June 2011

tiny and huge

Yesterday was one of the Sundays that I don't take the service in our chapel, for which I was quite relieved as I felt quite tired after yet another trip to London and also to Brighton - all most enjoyable but exhausting!
But in the afternoon I drove up the Llanthony valley, which is beautiful if you can see it but the rain was tipping down and the huge 4by4s coming the other way seemed to think they own the lane - not a very enjoyable drive this time!
The congregation at the little chapel consisted of the organist who worships in town in the morning, two others - one of which usually worships at our chapel and myself. Fortunately, I have been re-assured by one of them that if a sermon is worth hearing, it is worth hearing again! I hope he thinks that it was worth hearing twice! (with two years inbetween!)
In the evening it was back to our chapel where folk come from all the surrounding chapels and churches to rehearse for next week's annual Singing Festival. Our choir is now over 50 strong and the sound was wonderful - however, next week we will be up the road in the church so that there will be room for a congregation as well. 
All the music is out of copyright but we have got permission to use John Bell's and Graham Maule's words of 'The Love of God comes close' which seems to be in complete contrast to 'All in the April Evening', which has got stuck in my head!

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