Thursday, 1 December 2011

back at school

Once again I'm at college, ready for the day's course tomorrow, and feeling so much better - thank you for all your messages. 
I am so grateful to my Mum and the way she treated me when I was little and poorly - she got me to really think about how I was feeling, never pushing me or molly-coddling me. It has helped me not to push myself when I'm not quite right and not to over-do things. 
But I did make full use of the time. As you must realise by now, although I love dance I also love sewing and stitches of all kinds and over the last few weeks have made myself a long jacket (they used to be called car coats!) out of some lovely fabric I impulse bought three years ago! and also picked up a tapestry I put down 30 years ago! 
That was when we adopted Mandie, then I lost the instructions and have since found them, many moves later! The tapestry is for a cushion, all stitched in beige with various stitches including one which is used for making carpets - it's a cross stitch with a loop in the middle which is then cut - it looks good but takes ages! 
I have now completed the 2nd quarter of the cushion and put it down once again to knit myself a cardi with some wool which has been waiting its turn for the last two years.
This evening I met with Mandie and Dave for dinner, then tomorrow after the course, its down to Brighton in time for Stanley and Ted's bath-time and I will then babysit so that Paul and Sarah can have a child-free night out. On Saturday, I will drive up the M23 round the M25 to Epping Forest to cuddle Oliver and will ask Mark very nicely to tweak my computer while Katie and I catch up on Oliver's progress.
After lunch I'll be back on the M25 to the M4 and home ready to take the service on Sunday morning - fortunately I love driving and I have also been able to prepare everything before coming away so that I can have a lovely time with all the kiddies.

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