Wednesday, 21 December 2011

I'm ready!

It's been a while since I last blogged but this is not due to either ill health or being too busy - in fact I've been in better health with more energy than I have been for several years, so instead of sitting down playing on my computer or watching the tele in the afternoons I have made myself a coat, put underlay on the bathroom floor, been to a couple of Christmas parties, made mincemeat and turned half of it into pies. 
I've not overdone things - just made the most of the new found energy! and in the last few days I've made the Christmas pudding, cleared my study of all papers on the floor and every available work surface, made chocolate mousse, stewed pears in red wine for Sarah who doesn't like dried fruit and made two batches of ice-cream and - oh yes - prepared the service for Christmas morning!
I will now wrap the last few presents that I bought this morning ready to celebrate Christmas on Friday - Paul and Sarah and the grandboys are coming for a couple of days, which I will really enjoy and it will be so nice and quiet on Christmas Day when they will be at their other grandparents!

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