Wednesday, 12 January 2011

I didn't have the flu

I am nearly back to my usual self; yesterday we had our monthly get-together over sandwiches and a Bible Study with several folk from the Church in the next village (only a mile away). We have some good discussions and its lovely that both the Vicar and Deacon join us. As it is the King James Bible's 400th birthday, we discussed the various translations we use and then looked at the creation stories in Genesis 1 & 2. I will be picking up on this for Sunday's service.
It was lovely to hear that folk were pleased that I was back but I had to stress that I had not had the flu; I had it - once, forty years ago - and it was horrid!
The test to see if you have flu or just some other nasty bug is the £50 note one! If you see a £50 note lying on the ground outside and you are able to get up and get it - you do not have flu! If you had flu, you most probably wouldn't want to open your eyes anyway - too much effort and you certainly wouldn't be able to use your computer!


  1. Mandie likes this, but there's no thumbs up button! :)

  2. Mr Sam says:

    Samantha & I had the flu back when we lived in Woodmansterne. She was so ill I honestly thought she was dying and nearly rang for an ambulance for her! She was delirious and didn't know who I was (probably best for her - hehe)