Monday, 3 January 2011

raging lethargy

There are at least three different bugs doing the rounds in our village, and following a very busy December, I seem to have caught all three - at once. I had the cough in time for the Carol Services, so dared not sing along. The cold came late Boxing Day, quickly followed by the raging lethargy. So for the last week, I have either been in bed or on the settee snuggled in a blanket.
I planned all yesterday's service but by Friday realised I wouldn't be well enough to be there on Sunday.
I have it on good authority that it all went very well with many folk playing their part. Three different Bible readings; read by three different folk, a solo of 'Joy to the World' sung by one of our organists, news from our link missionary in Thailand, a beautiful prayer and the Lord's Supper.
It's quite nice when there is someone else to make the tea and cook the dinners with no other prior engagements to cancel but I'm not recovering quickly enough and so I'm not going to be well enough for my monthly trip to college, dinner with my daughter and a visit to see the Grandboys along with a meeting with an old friend - all carefully arranged but I've got to be sensible!
I was a sickly child and although improved as an adult, now I'm also diabetic, that seems to affect healing which takes longer than average.
I have learnt from this and have already put less in the diary for this year. But for the moment, I shall make the most of the time and carry on with the opportunity to read while the knitting remains untouched - I must be ill!

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  1. Can I have a black hat please?:) hope you get better very soon.x has just started snowing here again!!!!!!! from your daughter who is going to really miss you this week :( love you loads.xxxx