Thursday, 24 February 2011


It took several months in the planning and much excitement as the daughters of very old (time - not too much age!) and dear friends of mine, arranged a surprise 'party' for their parents' Ruby (40 years) Wedding Anniversary.
There was to be a church service with tea and cakes afterwards with everyone from the church invited - he is the church secretary and she heads up the pastoral team. And although his address was deleted from the email, hers wasn't - so they knew that something was happening.
What they didn't know when they arrived at the church, decorated with red balloons, was that their two bridesmaids and best man would be in the congregation, all wearing something red. 
Old photographs had been obtained from Aunts and Uncles and I found one of us all at the Young People's Fellowship Easter Retreat back in 1965, which was duly scanned and shown to all. Photos included her as a fairy aged about eight, as a new parents, and with a very fashionable eighties perm - yuk!
We sang 'Now thank we all our God' which was sung at their wedding, and because he complained that they never sang what he thought was the most applicable hymn way back then, this time we did sing 'Fight the fight'! He has a very cheeky sense of humour!
So although they knew something had been arranged at the church in the afternoon, they were totally unaware of a planned meal out at one of their favourite restaurants with about thirty of their friends in the evening.
I added a day to my stay and was able to enjoy a morning with my friend of 48 years and it was just like being teenagers again!
May they have many more happy years together. 

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