Monday, 2 May 2011

Lord of the Dance

Once again I’m writing this in my room as I try to settle before putting my head on the pillow and will post it in the morning.

In some ways I feel quite numb - its over - the culmination of twenty three years and over a year since my preaching skills were recognised but too late for last year’s assembly.
As I received my handshake, I was quite oblivious to any cheering and then I made a beeline for my friend, with her family, who had come for the evening as I knew they would be making a quick getaway.
My only complaint of the evening was that the music was so loud that I could not hear the prayers that were being said for me - please quieten the music!
Although I was stuck in the middle of the row, friends clambered over seats to reach me while the very special lady who had come for the first time because someone else was not able to come, managed to squeeze along the row and was suddenly beside me - we were both trying to fight the tears while hugging each other, amazed at the way God works it all out!

And as the praying finished we sang again, and for the first time in many, many years we sang ‘Lord of the Dance’. If I hadn’t been stuck in the middle of the row, I would have kicked off my shoes and danced; as it was I jiggled about a bit! Such an apt hymn for me with my background in dance, hence the title of my blog.
It was a wonderful evening where I felt God’s hand holding me with the reassurance that I am in the right place where He wants me to be, while being surrounded by such good friends - old and new.

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  1. So glad, loud muzak not withstanding, that it was a special moment.

    Every blessing as you continue your calling in Wales