Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Lord of Sea and Sky

Monday morning at the Assembly was the equivalent of double maths in school and Hebrew lectures at college. After the highs of the weekend, we were faced with the dodging of tax by the multi-national companies; difficult to understand even though it was put over so well!
During the final session of praise and worship, I stopped singing and let the music and voices wash over me which reminded me of when I was first called to the ministry and would go to Holy Trinity, Brompton on Sunday evenings. As I wrestled with my call, there were times when I just stood and prayed, enjoying the worship of others.
This is what happened physically yesterday morning, while spiritually God was taking me back to the beginning, then to the here and now, putting a closure on the struggle I have had over the years. God was showing me that this is the end of the struggle. I am where he wants me to be. 
A few weeks after my calling in 1989, I went to Greenbelt where I sang 'I the Lord of Sea and Sky' for the very first time. And as if the band knew the very special place that hymn has in my heart, they started playing but I couldn't sing! the tears were welling up.
It was as if God was tying up all the loose ends and then making a huge bow! 

All this time my friend and I were sitting behind the small group from my calling church, another God-incidence that they would also head for the far side of the auditorium, not even seeing that we were already sitting in the row behind. We were able to pray for each other and as Assembly closed we swapped email addresses and talked about arranging a date for me to go back to their church one Sunday next year. We made the most of each other's company in the few remaining minutes before hugging and saying our fond farewells. 

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  1. I can't sing that song either! Well I can, but it chokes me up. It has followed me around since 1997 when I had a very profound sense of call, and every tinme I hear it I am reminded.

    So glad you had a good time in Blackpool and are now energised for th eyear ahead.