Tuesday, 6 September 2011

a change is as good as a rest

As we moved here to retire, when asked to be the minister I said that I would preach twice in the month, rather than every week. So without the need to prepare for next Sunday and sewing  all done and a deacon's meeting yesterday morning - what was I going to do next?
Back to the bathroom which needs another coat of paint on the walls - but first the door needs to be 'done'! We had the wall between the loo and the small bathroom removed giving us a much larger and spacious bathroom. When we moved in the inside of the loo door was completely covered with postcards and the builder decided that was the door that fitted best to the new doorway. So in those odd moments when I had nothing else to do (very rare!) or I was waiting for inspiration for a sermon, I would chip away at the postcards, and today is the day to get out the paintbrush.
I donned my rather fetching paint splattered romper suit with its dunlop badge - in a former life it played in the pits while a friend raced his MG Midget (no, not me, that's not one of my skills!).
But first I had to remove the remainder of the glue, washing it did no good, next was a scrub with a well known household cleaner - no luck - wallpaper scraper to the rescue - maybe it would have been easier to have bought a new door!
Having scraped and sandpapered the door is now ready for the first coat of paint. Over the years I have learnt that the best finish to decorating is only achieved by spending time in preparation. Just like many things in life!
Having revived myself with coffee and a rest writing this - its back to work!

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  1. I hope we shall see some photographs of all this hard work [dont forget to take 'before' as well as 'after']
    blessings x