Friday, 2 September 2011

being green but needs must

It first started over 25 years ago when Adrian lodged with us. He was studying for his Masters at London University and during that year I learnt a lot about hay meadows and small leafed lime trees along with being cajoled into using eco-friendly washing up liquid and washing powder. 
Fast forward ten years and for health reasons we are being recommended to omit all 'E' numbers from our food and eat organically as possible. And five years later, to go dairy free! 
Over the last ten years eating this kind of diet has become far easier as most supermarkets have introduced an organic range along with a dairy free range. Until now!
With the recession, certain items are disappearing from the shelves! We love ice-cream and had found one which is soya based, with wonderful flavours, tasting far nicer than some dairy ice-creams. But our local supermarket has stopped selling the chocolate one. Boo hoo!
I know its not very green, but I have bought an ice-cream maker so that we can now enjoy a very rich, dairy free ice-cream along with so many other flavours which we could never indulge in before.

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