Thursday, 1 September 2011

and there's more

Sorry to bore everyone but the wedding is still on my mind and having posted my last blog, I remembered that there were a few folk who I had not thanked.
I had a lovely phone call with Mandie yesterday. They had a very short but wonderful holiday as Dave, being a white van driver with no paid holidays but had been given Tuesday off, had to get back to work. Meanwhile Mandie has the rest of the week to get their new home organised and find homes for their wedding gifts.
Many years ago I met Karen who, like me, had trained at the London College of Fashion, but she specialised in hair and beauty. When Karen married, I made her dress and when I married she did my hair and make-up. I still think that was the day I really looked my best thanks to her! Fortunately Karen was free to 'do' Mandie and her bridesmaid, and when arrived she offered to 'do' me as well. Many thanks again Karen!
While getting dressed Mandie couldn't find an unopened package sent to her earlier in the week from her designer sister-in-law. It was eventually found in the boys hotel bedroom! Inside she found a garter, made from the leftovers of her wedding dress, embroidered in pink with twinkles, matching the motifs of the lace on her dress. Big thanks to Sarah.
Mandie said how wonderful her big brother Mark had been at telling her to shut her eyes and take some deep breaths to help her calm down, whilst at the same time driving through the Saturday shopping traffic on our way to the register office!
Mark's wife, Katie (39 days to go) had my cam-corder for the day (I was far too shaky to use it!), unknown to Mandie, who was so thrilled to know that the Blessing and all the speeches had been filmed. Thank you Katie.
Paul, her other brother, is a wonder at making cakes but that was already in hand. But I can still thank him for being so good to Mandie in her teenage years as well as being another super big brother to her.
Mark & Katie,  Dave & Mandie,  Paul & Sarah

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