Friday, 4 February 2011

stretched, stimulated and stuffed

I'm at college having stayed here overnight, following yesterday's conference on 'Is Universalism an Evangelical Option?' and before my regular 1st Friday in the month course today.
At breakfast, as one of the speakers from yesterday was at the table, I commented how my brain was stretched yesterday and that I was looking forward to it being stimulated and filled today. He commented that it would make a good three point sermon - hence the title of this post!
On telling friends about the day on Universalism, I was asked what it was. And as I have got to an age where I am quite happy to know that I can't know everything, I said I would let them know after the conference. As there were at least two other Baptist bloggers there, as well as the main speaker (look at 'theological scribbles') you may be better off reading their blogs! But the gist of it is that - in the light of thought that all things will be redeemed through Christ - might some be saved the other side of death?
There were four speakers, Robin, who has been exploring this issue for several years, another who spoke against and two others who added to the discussion in the afternoon. 
I leant towards the main speaker, not because of what he said but because he was searching and questioning with an open mind. And although others thought that Universalism didn't fit with scripture passages, I believe that it can be very helpful in situations where there is one believer in a partnership, who can hold onto the hope that there will still be a chance for their loved one to be saved on the other side of death.
Having been stretched yesterday, I have no idea what we will be looking at today, but on past experience I know I will be stimulated and stuffed with ideas from my fellow students as well as the tutor.

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  1. "stretched, stimulated and stuffed"
    now where have I heard that before ... ???

    Ah yes, I was having breakfast with a lady ...

    Hi Sue!! Got here from Robin's site, and saw these familiar words!!

    Enjoyed our conversation both mornings.
    (Thank you for inviting me to your table the first morning).
    Blessings on you and yours!

    Tom N.