Friday, 18 February 2011

way back when...

I was a young housewife and cheese cost three shillings a pound - yes 15p! And my weekly shop cost me five pounds for the two of us, I quickly discovered that the products I saw advertised cost a lot more than those which were not and deduced that I was paying for the advertising as well as the product. So I have never bought the washing up liquid that would make my hands as soft as my face, especially as I have to wear rubber gloves anyway!
And now I see that we are soon to have 'product placing' in our television shows as well as in the breaks. As many of the programs I like are broadcast after I start to get ready for bed, most of the programs I watch are recorded and so I can fast forward the adverts. And it is because of people like me, who don't watch the adverts, that have forced the advertisers to fight for product placement. So I apologise to the 'powers that be' for not watching the adverts but I am so cynical I wouldn't buy the product anyway!

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  1. I too watch my progs recorded and 'zizz' through the ad breaks. And I too am cynical about the claims.