Thursday, 28 April 2011

Blackpool, here we come!

This will be my tenth BU Assembly and the first where I will be going with someone else and I'm really looking forward to the journey there and back along with having the company once we arrive. Yes, there are always friends from college and previous churches to talk to, but so much nicer to have a friend to sit with in the huge arena.
This is the first time that our chapel has sent a delegate (I have been there in my own right as a Council member and then minister) and she will be there to represent the Chapel when I have my hand shaken on the Sunday evening.
It still seems strange that although I was quite certain of my calling, I did question God about being a minister rather than a spiritual director as I had little preaching experience before going to college although I have always been aware that my experience as a counsellor, mother and business woman gave me a huge range of pastoral experience. And here are the BU recognising my preaching ability. As the years have gone by, although I still offer myself as a spiritual director, I am now a minister and God did get his way!


  1. Have a great time... listen for the long distance cheer.

  2. Nice to meet you in the prayer room!

  3. Enjoy your 'official' affirmation on Sunday. Sorry I'm not there to whoop...(are those still discouraged? if so, even bigger whoop, whoop!)