Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Grandma, have you got a road?

Last summer, when Grandboy number one came to visit us with his Mummy and Daddy, he asked me to give him a guided tour around the house as we were not living here when he last visited us.  Downstairs was done very quickly so we went upstairs and having looked into the second bedroom, I realised that as a three year old he wasn't interested in the decor but was actually looking for something ... and then came the question; "Grandma, have you got a road?" Fortunately I guessed very quickly what he was on about; he had just received a new small car and needed a road to play with it. I had to apologise and admit that I didn't have a road.
His Mummy and Daddy had made him a huge road painted on two pieces of wood, complete with parking places, a park with flowers, sandpit and seaside, which seems to cover all the spare space in their living room, but can be leant against the wall once play is over.
Earlier this year when visiting a friend who is a wonder at patchwork and quilting, we went to her favourite shop and I was tempted by a simple patchwork playmat/road.
In between preparing Sunday services, I have enjoyed sewing a road which is now ready complete with bag for playmat and cars.
Just in time for his next visit!

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