Monday, 11 April 2011


Following on from my last post, the one thing that was picked up from my paper was to encouraged those who have a national costume, to wear it on stage at the Assembly.
Craig was more than happy as he seems to like to wear his Irish kilt with all the gear whenever he can. Kumar was a bit more reluctant, and asked a couple of friends to escort him from their hotel to the conference centre in Brighton but he looked stunning in his Asian grey frockcoat (not sure of the correct term).
We tend to think of clothes of being what we wear to keep warm, but we say so much about ourselves by not only the style we wear, but also the colour, the pattern, the size of stripes and even the size of the dots on a tie!  And not only do we choose those things unconsciously but others seeing our clothes will unconsciously read our clothes! Which is why when it is a special occasion, such as others recognising our position within the church and the years of study with numerous interviews that it has taken to get there, it seems a shame that some dress so casually as if it is nothing special.
My party trick is to read peoples personalities by the clothes they are wearing. I did this at a Christmas party at college where one of the rather staid tutors was dressed down wearing a black jumper. I told him that it showed that he had a bohemian or James Dean streak - fortunately he rather liked that even with all the laughs!
Please note: I only do this when asked, I usually don't notice what others are wearing unless it is an awful blunder!

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  1. So, will you be seen in a black bonnet with a tweed shawl then? That would definitely raise a round of applause!