Saturday, 30 April 2011

a very good start

I’m writing this late Friday evening in my room, but as I do not have wifi up here I will not be able to post it until I get downstairs in the reception area of the Assembly tomorrow morning.
I’ve already met many friends from college days which is always enjoyable and the opening evening meeting was excellent. I don’t mind learning new songs during the Assembly but I do like old favourites on the first evening and the worship was a good mixture of well known hymns and songs with Bible readings and the Lord’s prayer presented in new and challenging ways, and I always find Pat Took an inspirational speaker.
But the highlight of the day for me was during the Prayer Meeting this afternoon. The chairs were already arranged so that we were sitting in groups. After a time of prayer, praising God and remembering past Assemblies, each group was told to pray for different aspects of the Assembly, one for the children’s work, one for BMS, one for our home churches etc. with the last group being told that they could pray for whatever they wanted. After five minutes we had to move to the next group in a clockwise direction.
Being someone who does not like being told what to do and especially what to pray for, at the first move, I went anti-clockwise to be in the ‘whatever you want’ group.
I felt led to pray for a blogging friend who has not been able to come to Assembly this year, using just her christian name. At the end of our five minutes the woman next to me asked if the friend I had mentioned had a blog as she too was an avid reader.
We both decided, that as she too, had skipped to groups to pray how the spirit led us, we would leave the groups and sit together in a corner to quietly talk. A new friend has been made and I love it when God brings two people together!

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