Sunday, 10 April 2011


This afternoon I sat down to write on my blog.
I had nearly finished when I pressed the wrong button and it all disappeared. So I rewrote it, pressed the publish post button and it all disappeared - not my fault this time but I didn't have it in me to write it all again.
So I thought about what I was going to wear in three weeks time when I get my hand shaken at the Baptist Assembly and this had to have some serious thinking!
A few years back I was on the committee that planned the Assembly and with my background in fashion I wrote a paper on the dos and don'ts on what to wear on stage - there were already some rules about not wearing black (you will disappear) or white (too bright for the big screen) but the paper was thought to be not relevant and so we still have some fashion faux-pas. People do not check what they look like from behind or the side and a favourite tie is worn which doesn't work from the stage or on the big screen. Rant over.
But my favourite skirt was getting rather tight, but the seams were large from where I had taken it in many years ago so there was plenty to let out! Skirt now fits, jumper chosen - one I knitted four years ago - who needs new clothes!


  1. Whilst I do not want to return to the old days of people very formally dressed in suits, I confess to feeling a little unhappy about people turning up so casually dressed that they look like they have spent the afternoon on the beach and just called in on their way to get supper at the chippie!

  2. Here, here Angela! I wore a lovely teal-green suit. Peter Grange always insisted that 'his' ministers were neat and tidy (true to his early job in a gents outfitters maybe).

    Congratulations Sue, I am only sorry I can't be there to cheer you in perosn, but I will in spirit. I'm sure you'll look great and, more importantly, I hope it is a special and memorable moment for you, as it was for me.