Sunday, 18 July 2010

Good News

It's a year since this little Baptist Chapel called me to be their minister, although we were already members and had been worshipping, along with the occasional preach, with them for the two previous years.
So yesterday was the first Annual General Meeting where I took the chair. And I should mention that although we have quarterly Deacon's meetings we don't have Church Members meetings. This was a big event!
Because many of our folk are getting on in years and don't like coming out in the evenings, we opted for coming together on a Saturday morning.
One of our deacons who celebrated his ninetieth birthday a couple of months ago has been unable to get to chapel for well over a year as he doesn't have the puff to walk up the path.
He lives just a hundred yards from the chapel and so we always have our deacons meetings at his house. He can usually be seen sitting in his new conservatory and he waves to us as we walk to chapel, and enjoys reading my full script prayers and sermon without the aid of reading glasses!
But yesterday he arrived at the chapel for the AGM on his new scooter! However, doing something so different yesterday has meant that he was too tired to join us this morning for the service.
Arrangements will now be made to make sure that he can come into the chapel and remain sitting on his scooter for the services. But the really wonderful news is that he will be able to see his grand-daughter get married in two weeks time.