Saturday, 10 July 2010

The news

Raoul Moat's dictaphone showed the police that he was getting angry with the way his situation was being reported.
I have rarely bought a newspaper - one; because I could see that I would sit and read it all day long and not get any work done, two; I hear most of the news every hour on the radio and three, because there are so many inaccuracies.
This morning I woke up very early and listening to the World Service, they were telling me of the situation in Haiti. The financial response to the earthquake was second only to the Tsunami and many folk are now living in better conditions than ever before. A few hours later on radio 4, they were stressing that so much work needs to be done - two sides of the same story; good news and bad news - no wonder we get confused when often getting only half the story.
Let us continue to remember those who are still affected by the London bombings, the Tsunami, earthquakes and the recent event in Rothbury.

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