Monday, 5 July 2010

Wimbledon is over

OK I admit it - I don't enjoy sport! Even with a name like mine. In tennis at school I couldn't hit the ball as far as the net, let alone over it and I haven't tried since!
I was never any good at sport and have never enjoyed watching it - so have great difficulty in understanding why people should spend so much money to pay to watch it.
However, I do acknowledge that there is something in watching the great skill of others.
And although Wimbledon is over, and not long before the World Cup is off our TV screens, the Tour de France has just begun.
My younger son has always loved bikes and considered taking up cycling as a career, but when he found out that he would have to practice by cycling 100 miles every day - he decided life was too short!
To succeed in any sport, not only do you have to have talent but also the dedication and determination to focus the whole of your life on that one thing - no good for the multi-taskers.

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