Thursday, 8 July 2010

We've done it

One of reasons for moving here was to be able to put our boots on indoors and climb up the local hills.
While renting we managed to walk up our favourite hill each year. But this year we have only managed to go for short walks because of the work needing to be done on the house and in the garden, let alone preparing sermons and services.
We were planning to go for the walk a couple of days ago, but the weather changed for the better and we didn't want to get sunburnt. But today the forecast looked good, and although the sun came out a couple of times, most of the time it was covered with a thin layer of white cloud.
The hill is a long ridge, where we have seen hand-gliders - its a weird experience to see them flying below!
We had lunch on top with a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside - very similar to the view from an aeroplane's window when taking off but without the carbon footprint!

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