Monday, 19 July 2010

It's not logical

We came to South Wales on holiday three years ago, as we were on our way to visit my Aunt further north but had heard about a little church in the middle of nowhere which had a well where an 11th century pilgrim had been healed and the church possessed a 'sense of the other'. It can only be reached by a single track lane with twists and very steep bits or a tramp across several fields. Having driven there once - we now leave the car and walk the last bit.

Having visited my Aunt and continued our holiday in Brecon, we decided that we preferred our first campsite - so returned there. By now the weather had changed and we had difficulty driving back into the field through the mud. And so for the last few days we sat in our camper-van, stuck in the mud in the pouring rain when I suddenly found myself saying "Isn't it wonderful here - we should move here when we retire - oh - we are retired - what's stopping us? - nothing!"
The farmer kindly pulled us out of the mud with aid of his tractor and then let us hose down the van ready for our journey home.

On our return we put our house on the market and looked up the village in the BU handbook to discover that there was an active Baptist chapel which we had walked past without noticing it - which is weird because it is very difficult to miss!

As we told our younger son of our plans, he told us that he had got his wife 'up the duff' - were we still going to move? It was not planned as she was still to complete her degree - and it would have been very useful to have a Grandma living nearby.
I also had to promise my Mum that I would still come and see her every month and tempted her with holidays in Wales.

During the long months of waiting for the housing chain to sort itself out, we made several visits back to Wales and started worshipping at the chapel. On our first visit I was asked if I could play the organ? No! Would you be happy to teach in Sunday School? NO! I then thought I ought to confess - 'I do preach a little' - 'Oh Good' was the reply - 'Are you happy to have a woman in the pulpit?' as quick as anything the response was 'Oh Yes - I book the preachers!'

It was not logical - young Stanley was born on the day the contracts for selling our house were signed - we would be leaving family and friends - knowing no-one in South Wales - but it is the best move we have ever done.

We have made more friends here than ever before - both within the chapel and outside. Mum and our sons and daughter with spouses come for holidays - the area is beautiful and we love climbing the hills.
And now many years after leaving college, I am able to make full use of my studies and am so grateful for the opportunity to have listened to some of the world's greatest preachers.

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