Sunday, 4 July 2010

Why edgy dancing?

With my background in dance and love of dancing it was still a shock when a dance group took part in a church service when I was in my twenties.
But realising that there are many passages in the Old Testament where people praised God through dance and with the encouragement of our Assistant Minister, I later danced in church - it was quite an experience of bringing those two loves together.
Many years later, as a mature student, I mimed and danced to a couple of songs in Chapel - a wonderful experience for me, even though it made some folk rather uncomfortable! It being a very male dominated environment!
That was the last time I danced in public - dancing is something that I now only do in the privacy of my own home, but my spirit dances at every possible occasion.
My first choice of title of 'Dancing on the edge' had already been taken - so I twisted the words, ending up with a more 'edgy' title. But not edgy in the way of my dictionary's definition of irritable or nervous but more along the lines of 'a bit different', 'not the usual' and coming at something with a different point of view.
Apologies to those of you, like me, who have small computer screens, that the dandelion clock covers the word 'edge'.

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  1. Well, I like the title.
    It DOES make me think of being nervous about dancing, but in an almost positive way - edgy about dancing because the dance is expressing something that may not be universally welcome to the complacent or the powerful. Hence, risky dancing. It also makes me wonder about liminal places - dancing, celebrating at the boundary between heaven and earth; between life and death.